3ème mois de grossesse

After the first two months, you will be able to breathe a little . The inconveniences will be declining. On the other hand, the baby has become a fetus at the end of the second month, since the formation of its organs is almost finished . Curious about what awaits you? The Madness of the Baby accompanies you throughout this third month.

3rd week of pregnancy

9 th week: big pressure on the kidneys

In your belly, the future infant measures between 4 and 6cm and weighs about ten grams. His eyes and ears slowly migrate to their final place. He looks more and more like a miniature human even if his head remains disproportionate. His sex is even determined . In a few weeks, you will be able to distinguish on ultrasounds whether it is a boy or a girl.

Your toddler feeds nutrients through the placenta and umbilical cord . But if he is feeding, he also rejects waste. Your kidneys will work accordingly, since they will have to eliminate them, in addition to yours. Take great care of your kidney system and hydrate yourself accordingly. One and a half liters of water a day is a minimum. Your hormone levels, it decreases gradually. Nausea and other minor ailments should therefore be more rare.

This Beginning of the third month May be the right time to officiellement declare you pregnant , whether it is your boss, the family allowance fund or your mutual, qui will help you administratively.

10 th week: first meeting

If you have taken the necessary steps, this week is probably the time of your first ultrasound . You will finally see how your little one develops! If you want to be sure you have a good overview, do not use any product on your stomach during this week, such as creams or oils. Also remember to drink a large glass of water just before your appointment.

You will see that baby is now between 50 and 75mm and starts to have fingers and toes at the end of his arms and legs, which continues to grow as well. On your side, the uterus slowly widens and rises in your body. Your bladder is under less pressure  : no more frequent flushes!

11 th week: appetite returns

Nausea, mood swings, and vomiting probably made you lose your appetite during these first few months. He is now back. You're probably going to eat more than usual , that's quite logical. This does not mean doubling the amount of food. Be sure to keep a healthy and balanced diet at baby at best.

During this week 11, his first bones appear. Its spine and the entire bone system solidify. The baby's face begins to take shape, especially his profile (nose, chin, etc.).

No special advice for this week, take the opportunity to check that everything is in order administratively. You can also announce your pregnancy to your loved ones if it is not done yet.

12 th week: bodily changes

This week, your body is still experiencing some upheaval. Your belly grows bigger and a round becomes visible . Your breasts, always growing, become heavy, even sensitive and painful . Give the showers a warm bath and wear a bra that fits your new one.

The baby's body changes too. His face is more and more human and he is finally sexed . Around baby is formed a very fine down, the lanugo , which will protect the fetus but will disappear before birth.

Since you have gained weight and shape, this is the opportunity to go shopping and make yourself a wardrobe adapted to your new morphology .

13 th week: baby starts drinking

At the end of the third month, your little one's mouth is working and he starts to swallow the amniotic fluid . He discovers different tastes, according to your diet. It now weighs between 50 and 65g for a size of 12 cm on average.

For mom, the belly continues to round, but this thirteenth week marks especially the end of nausea and vomiting . You are finally relieved. Keep your good clothes: a healthy diet and not too much effort.

After 3 months, it is good to start thinking about the preparation of your delivery . Many options are available to you: classes, yoga, water aerobics, ... Think about it.

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