4ème mois de grossesse

A quarter has passed . Your belly shows a slight roundness, your chest has grown and your baby, a little human being, can drink and move. The pregnancy pains have almost entirely disappeared. What do you reserve following the events  ? The Madness of the baby reassures you thanks to his semainier of the fourth month.

4th month of pregnancy with the Madness of the Baby

14 th week: You are radiant! 

Normally, at the beginning of the second quarter, everything is fine! Nausea is nothing but a memory. Your progesterone level, rising , increases your well-being and makes you radiant. Your chest, still swollen and firm, can let out a yellowish liquid. This is colostrum, your "first milk" .

Inside your belly, your baby has exceeded 100 grams! It should measure about 14 cm. It moves more and more and you will not long to feel it. Despite a thin skin and extremely sensitive, his sense of touch is already present .

Finally, at this stage, the risks of miscarriage are almost non-existent . You can breathe!

15 th week: baby listening.

The fetus measures 10-12 cm and begins to develop his hearing . It's time to start talking to him through your belly. Dad can also communicate with his child . This will gently prepare him to become a father, since for the last 3 months, it is mainly you who are experiencing changes in your life.

On your side, pay attention to your weight. You probably have cravings for snacking quite often. Weight gain is normal, but always watch your diet and do not give in too often to temptation.

Also think about your second prenatal visit . Your doctor will perform a series of tests and will take stock of your weight gain.

16 th week: Doubts and Questions

The surroundings of this week of pregnancy is often the moment from which the future mother wonders much about her future , her motherhood, and so on. Do not let these worries become anxieties. Talk about it to yourself and your doctors to reassure you and to have a more serene pregnancy.

The baby's view is growing. He begins to perceive the light through his eyelids. He can now move as he wants. You may be able to feel his first shots, but it's still early for that.

There is no real medical or administrative procedure to be carried out during this 4 th month. It's a good time to take a vacation if you feel like it. In a few months, this will become impossible, enjoy!

17 th week annoyances

It has been four months since you carried life in you, it can happen to you some worries. If you suffer from the back, rest as much as you can. Conversely, if you have heaviness in your legs, spend a little time, walk and exercise. Without exaggerating, of course! Do not forget that you are two in this body now .

In your belly, the fetus now measures about twenty centimeters for 200 grams . Its digestive system, but also renal, are put in place. Baby swallows the amniotic fluid, which he rejects while urinating. Meconium, in some ways the stool of the fetus, is formed in its intestine.

18 th week of pregnancy: baby begins to taste

As the other senses of the future child continue to evolve, his taste begins to grow. The taste buds of your growing baby can recognize sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Think about it when choosing your meals!

While baby discovers different flavors, mom is in great shape. Continue to monitor your diet and weight gain. Be careful if you are prone to hemorrhoids, they are likely to come back during your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor.

Our month-end advice: do not give up your sexuality . Pregnancy must not stop you from experiencing your sensuality as before. This period between the fourth and fifth months is also where you will probably have the least inconvenience. Have fun!

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